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Icue software doesn't detect one of ML120 fans

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I purchased a corsair AIO a while back, specifically h150i elite capellix, and I hooked it up and it's been working just fine. Recently, I purchased three ML120 pro rgb fans, and I connected them to the same commander core that is included with h150i elite capellix. The issue is that all three of the new fans work just fine and I can customize the fan curve and everything in icue software, except when I run the wizard in the lighting setup tab, only two of them get detected and I can't control the rgb on the third fan. I mean it doesn't even light up. I've rearranged the ports to make sure the commander core is not faulty, and it's not. Even I tried setting it up manually but no luck. At this point, I highly suspect the rgb on the third fan is broken but still I wanted to ask to see if that's a glitch in icue software or if there is an easy fix.

Thank you so much

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If it’s a fan problem, move it to a different RGB port and the issue should follow the fan. The Commander Core/XT controllers have individual port functionality unlike the other controllers, so a bad fan should just be 1 bad fan and not a string of lights out. 

Also, be aware the ML Pro you bought are a 4 LED fan and not 8 like on the newer ML-Elite that came with your AIO. They won’t look the same. ML-Elite are theoretically available at retail, but a bit hard to find right now. The SP-Elite is also an 8 LED fan and a match to your AIO fans. 

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