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H60 not fully powered


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Hi everyone,

This is my first post here. I'm building a new machine with an ASRock B550 Pro4 motherboard, Ryzen 9 5900X, and using the H60 AIO. When I power up the machine it starts and I can go into the BIOS and see that the processor is overheating. The fan on the radiator turns on, but I don't see any light coming from the cooling pad on the CPU. I have a 4 pin cable from the fan connected to the motherboard, but there is also a 3 pin cable coming out of the cooling pad, that I can't find a 3 pin to connect it to. Do both cables need to be connected to the motherboard, or just the 4 pin? Any other thoughts?



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The 4 pin cable is for the fan and the fan only.  The 3 pin is the power for the pump on the H60 (2012) model.  You do not need a "3 pin MB header".  Almost all MBs use 4 pin headers that can function as DC voltage control (3 pins) or PWM control (4 pins).  The other caveat is you must set the MB header powering the pump to 100%, 'disabled', 'full speed', or however your motherboard displays a constant 12v 100% signal.  The pump needs 12v at all times.


If by chance you have a newer H60 (2018) with the white LED and rounded corners, then there is a SATA connector coming off the pump for power and the small 3 pin is really only a tachometer wire to report a pump speed to the motherboard.  

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