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My RAM is Dead


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Hey! I'v finally finished getting everything i need to put together my new computer. So im putting everything together and im not getting video when i turn the pc on. Now i cant figure it out, never thinking it could be the RAM, until today when i tried switching another peice of RAM into the computer and Viola! it works. Then installed the "dead" ram onto another pc and now this other pc dead, well its beeping. Hooray i finally figured it out, but now im here and need your help.


I bought everything from NewEgg. Since i dont know what exactly you need to know ill leave you with the url for the MB and RAM from where i bought them.


Shuttle SN95G5 (Socket 939)



Help :( Thanks

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I am sorry but the modules you have are registered W/ECC and this system needs un-buffered non ECC memory. Please talk to your reseller and see if they will let you return these and get a set of Twinx2048-3200C2 if you need 2.0 Gig or memory or for best performance I would suggest Twinx1024-3200XL.
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