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K95 Profile switches wont function at all


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Hi I was using a K50 Keyboard for many happy years and got this K 95 mechanical Gaming Keyboard with amazing light display. 

Before I installed the ICue software I uninstalled the Legacy drivers out of windows for the K50, swapped the keyboard for a normal cheapo keyboard MS600 and rebooted into safe mode. I removed the K50 drivers and configuration files out of the system completely, did a system clean and a registry check.

Turned the pc Off and removed the MS600, coupled up the K95 started the machine and left it to fully boot. Downloaded the latest version of ICue and installed it. Followed by a reboot before i did anything but be amazed by the light display.

Now with the K50 the profile switching worked flawlessly and assuming the K95 with its identical layout and wiring would work the same I set about writing the first profile, all worked well all macros functioned as should be, Then, I hit M2, didnt swap, Hit M3 didnt swap. 

Restarted the system again just in case.

System rebooted and I dont have 3 profiles, just the one and the switch on the back for changing the report rate.

So basicaly Ive shelled out £200 on a keyboard thats actually worse than its counterpart the K50.

How do i get the profile switches to work properly, known fault or individual fault? Help needed please

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As an edit to this I have fully removed Icue 4 and am currently using the keyboard in Legacy mode. Profile switches now work, but how do i create a profile or do we use the Icue install uninstall dance for that

K50 conf program had a profile editor function that was easy to use and fully editable. Seems I may be returning the keyboard. But I want the answer please.

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