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Corsair keyboard Audio Visualizer plugin for Musicbee [FREE]

This is part FYI, part question & part venting 🙂 please reply if you have more knowledge about this topic, which is very likely. 

There is a plugin that works very well with (i assume) all Corsair RGB keyboards and your PCs audio output (not mic as that would be stupid) 0.0 

Anyway it works very well with the K95 Platinum I own .

It automatically opens (only) when you open MusicBee & play a song, very real-time, & overrides your current rgb preset until you close musicbee then your previous preset starts again..

It's free & developed by a musicbee forum member/user.

Very easy to install, drop it in musicbee's plugin folder, open musicbee and enable it in the plugins section of musicbee's settings.

Then decide on how you wish it to react : either random colours or 2 actives. Imo 2 colours are best eg Blue as the default all and yellow as the visualizer.



My request for more info in the form of a small book. TL;DR eh Help?

Side note : I've only just updated from iCue v3 to iCue v4 (in the hopes the volume rocker would now finally only control the audio application running... maybe theres a way... yet to find out [please advise if you know as my previous (as I uninstalled it as I dislike have multiple apps linked to 1 task especially when 1 is nearly a gig in size ! [icue] Ironic as Windows 10 is this be default, a mobile os wrapped and reskinned around Windows 7.

I digress (again) My initial method to use the volume rocker on applications only is/was to use iVolume2 (hope I dont have to return) which does work but iCue should be all I need, right? as should a keyboard triggered audio visualizer be part of iCue which leads to my point : Upon trying out iCue v4 I noticed a preset titled "CORSAIR Audio Visualizer" : likely this is the headphone only useless preset right? and not the musicbee plugin showing in the list? I assume its corsairs as it has directions for keys.... but although I've linked it to an audio player, as yet not pretty lights....

So I'm still unsure atm if it is that musicbee plugin OR a new addition (that obviously SHOULD be part of iCue anyway, as should a choice of keyboard/app volume control or system wide instead of system only option considering just how huge iCue is as an app and resource hog, so I'm trying to set it up to work with other audio players, fingers crossed (as the settings for editing (as most know) has the option to link effects preset with an application - as yet no success but only been at for 30 mins and thought I'd search here for info : instead ended up typing this 🙂 

I've also just bought a Corsair Scimitar elite RGB mouse (literally arrived a few hours ago) and again I'm trying to see if that works with "CORSAIR Audio Visualizer" in whatever form (if musicbee plugin or an actual iCue/corsair preset.)


I know I'm not going to be happy if this "CORSAIR Audio Visualizer" is corsairs and only works with their headset (I own a pair of beyerdynamics, & have a real mic and audio interface + DAC so I would never consider buying a gaming headset ... ever).

Of course if it only works with corsairs headset that would be SO ridiclously stupid it'd almost be, no it would be equally as stupid as making not 1 but 3 different sized space bar row key sizes for your keyboards making it very difficult to purchase a complete k95 key cap set.... oh wait. They did........


Apologise for the length - please reply with ANY additional info : TYIA.

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Are you saying that you think Windows 10 is a mobile OS wrapped and reskinned around Windows 7?

Are you asking if a Musicbee plugin that hasn't been updated in 2 years is part of iCUE?

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eh yeah no


Main q (remaining as Iv'e presumed the answer to be "NO" to any others) was:-

1/ controlling applications volume ONLY via K95's volume rocker. Preferably the audio/app that has been selected, or ONLY the active. And not controlling everything and system volumes or once again use a secondary app such as "iVolume2" to do something that iCue should.

the other points, merely venting how disappointed i am in missed opportunities of icue/corsairs eco system aka no audio control of kbd's/mouse led visuals via any audio application for no logical reason.

Thankfully the 2 year old MB plugin is an option and still better than corsairs heheadphone visualizer - so I'll stick with that.

More questions i just as well assume No it cant be done, its corsair after all. pick a preset and be done. zzz

I dont recall asking about windows, made a subjective, no objective statement about it.

Pity someone in corsair who could make decisions on their products didn't read how disgruntled their customers are regarding iCue - but then there's SO many of these comments I doubt they'd have time.

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