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Can I use two different looking PCIe power cables?


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My GPU needs 3x 8-pin cables. I currently have a HX1000i, but only two PCIe cables that came with it. However, I have a very old TX550 that I found an additional cable in. The problem is that the 8-pin that connects to the PSU looks like it's wired differently. Is it OK to use or do I need all three cables to be the same?

They both say "Type 4" on the side and both are corsair, though the old one isnt sleeved like the two with the PSU.


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they will work the same.

PCIE has 3x 12V wires, that's why you have one missing in the row. All the pins in the row are connected to the same 12V in the PSU so it doesn't matter which pin is unpopulated within the row.

your PSU can use type 3 and type 4 PCIE cables if ever you want to get matched cables at some time 


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