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help with Ql 120 fans plz


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so recently got some more ql 120 fans have already used these same fans in multiple builds and im starting to hate myself for making the same mistake over and over  i have 3 higher end computers running all corsair peripherals  mouse keyboard headset headset stand st100 lght towers fans Aio lcd screen etc on the two other computers everything normally works fine and other then the Case of the computers they are identical systems so i have these 3 Ql 120 set to do the infinity light effect and at first it was actually working flawlessly two days in i turn on my computer and now has the infinity symbol is making its way around the light loops it seems to skip certain L.e.d.s to the point where the effect is very odd now there is 7 Ql 120 fans in the system the other 4 Ql 120 fans doing the infinity effect are working fine still but when you compare the fans the ones at fault are like skipping led's and its very unsmooth compared to the other fans in the system. when set to other light effect or static the l.e.d's beings skipped light up so i know they work but for some reason  all of a sudden the infinity effect just wont work correctly on these 3 fans any help would be appreciated i keep investing 1000s of dollars into corsair for my personal builds going onto my personal pc this year  thats not to mention the computers built for family and friends but im starting to feel pretty dumb about investing in corsair seeing how icue picks and chooses when it wants to work and brand new components from corsair will work fine for 2 days then just decided to have all sorts of issues so any help is appreciated if needed i can post a video of the fans in question .ps deleting corsair files form registry and reinstalling is not a fix does not work 

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