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iCUE does not work when i first turn on pc but its open and running task manager says?


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so just like i said in the title when i first turn on my pc it shows icue running in task tray and task manager but it wont open and none of the light profiles are active at all but if i restart my computer then all of a sudden icue works at start up its getting pretty annoying anyone have ideas why this is happening. Also note thata few weeks ago this was not happening icue would work fine (as fine as icue ever works) i have not changed anything myself so realy do not know what to do at this point any help or suggestions would be appreciated thank you . i need to fix this cuz everything is corsair mouse keyboard headset headset stand st100 light towers AIO all my fans ram lcd screen on the AIO so legit half my system doesn't work because its all reliant on icue :(

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