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ICUE Nexus + Battery status


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I just buy that unecessary but so sexy tool : NEXUS.

I'm just desapointed about "widgets" and "capabilities".

In deed, my ICUE Center can provide many informations like 

- Battery status (ironclaw or Void elite)

- Temperature of my GPU (MSI), or CPU (AMD 5900x)


But i can't use these informations in nexus, and for some information, i have to use these horribles defaults screens...

So my questions are :

- Is there any feature to open these "librairie of actions/widgets/button" to reuse them in my custom and so sexy screens (they already exists, just permit the reuse)?

- Why informations displayed in the icue center, can't be reused in nexus? (I'm full corsair or MSI (GPU + Mobo) but a can't take advantage of all my setup corsair


Should i use the MACROS to do an ugly script that read informations to display them in a .txt? No? Corsair, you are the bests!!!




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