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K100 .. Mouspad and RAM Led always turn red after boot

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Hi there,

i just bought myself a k100 and some corsair ram with rgb leds together with a new MSI mainboard (B550 gaming carbon wifi) and razer mouse. (basilisk  V3)

since i had to reinstall windows i thought i might just go for win11. i updated and installed all system drivers to then intall the icue software by corsair.

it worked well .. so ive installed the NXZT Cam rgb software for my watercooler .. fans and led stripes and then ive installed the razer software.

after a while the keyboard .. pad and rams switched to red and i cant do anything about it. the LEDs on the side of the keyboard seem to work fine and react to switching profiels. they run in every mode fine and change to the selected colors! but the keyboard keys .. pad and ram leds dont react to switching profiels and settings! they just stay red .. no matter what i try. ive deinstalled the nxzt and razor software and then even icue. after a rebiit ive reinstalled icue and at first it seemed to work fine. but now a day later it again goes back to the same behavior and switch right back to RED after the restart. sometimes it works for a couple of minutes .. but then again switch to red!

does anyone know what this could be .. maybe win11? or problems because of the other RBG software?


sry for my poor explanation .. you know english isnt easy ;) but i hope i could explain the problem good enough that somebody can help me out here!





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