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iCue4 not seeing my new Corsair 5000x case fans?

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It's been frustrating with the strange iCue4 glitches and I have a new computer, it doesn't see the four case fans  - any ideas on how to troubleshoot to diagnose it? I even tried Armoury Crate and still nothing, should the fans be connected directing to the commander instead of the built-in nodes on the case?


I have an Asus ROG Z690 mobo, Asus ROG 3080 and Corsair 115i Elite Capellix.

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If you are using the Commander Core and have 6 fans or less, then there is no reason to use the case hub. The case and AIO fans are an LED match and meant to be used together. Putting them on the same controller puts them in the same lighting group. This will be desirable for a number of reasons. 

Each controller needs a SATA connection for power and a USB 2 connection to the motherboard so the software and hardware can talk. I am not sure if you mean CUE can’t see the controller (Lighting Node Core) or it sees the controller but no fans. Your Commander Core has auto-detect protocols, but the older controllers do not. You will see a blank slate in the lighting effects tab until you go into the Lighting Setup and tell the LNCore “8 LED series fans X 4”. 

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