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Lighting Node Pro, Commander Core, LL120, and RGB Lightstrip issues

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Sorry to lump these all into one post, but here's what's going on. 

I just bought a brand new H100i Elite Capellix that came with a new Commander Core.

1. I installed my 4 preexisting LL120 fans into the core. Everything shows up in iCUE except the 4th fan, it only will pull up 3 fans at one time. 

2. I tried moving around the RGB connections into different ports on the core, only 2, 3, and 4 would actually make the lights show up, no matter what fan plugged in to 1, 5, or 6, it just simply wouldn't work. Meaning that it's not 1 fan that is faulty (ps, all the fans would light up before I got the new commander core).

3. I tried unplugging the core and plugging in a Lighting Node Pro with an RGB Hub. That made 3 of the fans show up even when I selected 4. I moved around some of the plugs and got all 4 fans to light up, but now 1 of the fans is only showing up with 1 LED. 

4. Plugged everything back into the Commander Core and now none of the fans will light up! I've updated all the firmware, multiple restarts, reset both the Commander Core and the LNP (I also had an additional LNP I tried, still didn't work right), updated iCUE, etc. I don't know what is going on.


And continuing on with my issues with the LNP:

I also just got new RGB strips, hooked them up to the LNP, they will show up in iCUE, but won't light up at all, I've reset the LNP and tried hooking it up to each individual strip header without any of the other ones attached, I tried on channel 1 and 2 (also with my other LNP I mentioned earlier), and no lights whatsoever. I also confirmed I have power coming through my LNP because the fans would at least light up through channel 2 when I tried it, so I know power is coming through, but the LEDs just won't light up. 


Maybe everything isn't getting enough power?? Cause it seems only half the ports on the Commander Core are working? Just ideas, but I have the feeling that even if I got another LNP or a new Commander Core, etc. This all would just happen again.

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