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harpoon rgb wireless suddenly changes rgb colour


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I updated my laptop to windows 11 and then I came back to windows 10, since then, the rgb of my corsair harpoon rgb wireless which I usually have set on red, sometimes changes to pink with no reason and it doesn't allow me to change it through ICUE. Then I have to restart the ICUE software so it comes back to red and works properly again. Although this isn't a big deal, I think this shouldn't be happening and it would be nice to get some help.


In addition, when I start the computer I always have to unplug the dongle and plug it again to make the mouse work which is kind of annoying. I saw some other people having the same problem so I'd like to know if there is any solution for this.

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There is kind of a wide range of possibilities here, but if you've had to update the OS and then revert back, I think the place to start is with a clean install.  That can do a number on your drivers and installed programs (those that remain).  Obviously if you blank slated the drive before reverting then this won't be in play, but I am guessing you used the roll back feature.  Make sure you export any valuable profiles prior to the uninstall.  This is a full wipe and start over.  



The other thing you can try is a force update of the mouse firmware.  Go to CUE and check for a firmware update.  It will check and come back with "none".  Then the force update option will appear.  The failure to recognize the mouse on boot is off interest, but if it's not the driver and not the firmware, then it may be a hardware problem and you need to get in touch with Corsair Support through the main website.  

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