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Memory Upgrade Options for A7200

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Hello. Currently, my new VENGEANCE a7200 Gaming PC (R7 5800X, RTX 3070, 1TB M.2, 16GB DDR4-3200) has two 8GB Memory Cards in slots 2 & 4. I'd like to upgrade it to at least 32GB and possibly 64GB. Am I restricted to only using the same two slots and thus swap out the current memory for two 16GB Cards for a total of 32GB? Or could I possibly add 16GB cards to all four slots to reach 64GB? If I can use all four, do I need to change some setting in BIOS (or elsewhere) first? Thank you for your assistance!

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I was able to solve it. You can use four memory sticks. I needed to check the Motherboard documentation which states that the 1st one must be inserted into Slot #2. So I installed them in order of #2/#4 (to replicate the original cards), and then #1/#3. Booted up with no problem.

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it's possible the ram speed reverted back to 2133mhz when the new kit was added. You can check the speed in bios, or in iCUE on the dashboard (the dashboard will display the clock frequency, not the DDR one, that is, half of it. it should be 1600mhz for 3200 memory).

Usually it's not adviseable to add sticks bought separately because there's no guarantee they will work together. It's best practice to replace with a larger matched kit.

If it works, then it's good.

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