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Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB Memory not working


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I installed the software and the 6 fans work fine. I have a Corsair RGB Mid Tower Case. The memory however lights up and uses the preset theme "rainbow" but then stops working and stays at one color.  In the dashboard there is an a "!" mark on the image of the RGB memory but no  description of the problem.  The memory I am using is Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB Memory (2 16 gig modules and 2 blank (just RGB)).

I have an ASUS motherboard that has an RGB controller but that is only for the motherboard itself. I have a NZXT watercooler heatsink that has its own RGB controller.  I also have a RGB strip that is controlled by the ASUS ARMOURY CRATE software. The ARMOURY CRATE does not see any other RGB devices. 

Please help 🙂


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Specifically for you, go to the CUE settings and turn off “enable plugins”. See if this helps. The plugin is supposed to bring MB and 12v RGB control into CUE, but if you need to access armory crate for 5v D-RGB, then it may be getting locked up and crashing the RAM.  

See further explanation below.



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