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H115i RGB PRO XT AIO - Fan speeds

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Hi everyone! 

I need a little help please with a recent build, I have an H115i RGB PRO XT aio that's currently showing a low rpm in iCue, so on the balanced setting both fans are showing 360RPM approx. Pump is on Extreme and the RPM is showing 2642RPM approx. The pump rpm / setting I have no issue with it's the fan speeds I have a problem with. When I set them to extreme they don't go above 700ish RPM. 

Any ideas or setting I need to look at as I am not sure why it doesn't ramp up when on extreme ?

The AIO came with 2 x 140mm ML fans

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Quiet/Balanced/Extreme are not low, medium, high switches like a standard house fan. They have specific Temp X = Fan Speed Y control points. In this case the temperature is the liquid temp (H115i XT temp) and when it’s at a low value all three curves will overlap. Unfortunately you can’t see this. What I recommend most people do is make a custom curve copy of each fan preset where you can see the points. 

1) Go to the cooling tab and press + to create a new curve. A graph will appear below. 

2) Choose and of the the three shape tools in the corner. These correspond to the three presets and the concave one on the left is “Quiet”.  

3) Make sure the Sensor choice is set to H115i Temp. That is the variable the curve was designed for. 

4) Change the two fan profiles above to the new “Custom 1”. These can be renamed. 

If you are sitting down at 24C on a cold Winter morning, the fans are going to stay low. You can adjust the baseline to something closer to your current case ambient temp (as low as the coolant can be). 

The custom curves also reveal manual controls for PWM% or fixed RPM on some models. This is another way to test fan response. If you set 90% and the fan is still sitting at 360 rpm, then we have more work to do. 

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Thanks so much @c-attack, I always forget we have the custom fan curve and not just the pre-sets!

Works perfectly now 🙂 

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