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Creating a playlist to cycle through iCue presets?


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If you have a Corsair KB or mouse, you create a “profile switch” action to cycle to the next profile on the list. That list is created in the action and does not need to be the entire library. You can control the order. There is a “copy to all” function that will duplicate the action and assigned key to all profiles in your rotation. 

Some Corsair KBs and mice have this as a native function that follows the library order. The action/macro version can use only specific profiles and have custom orders.

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Sorry for the late reply, c-attack. I do not have a Corsair mouse of Keyboard. I have a PC with 12 QL120 fans in it, plus CPU and GPU waterblocks, a RGB pump, corsair dominator RAM, an LED strip behind the motherboard, and my ASUS Thor power supply... all of them hooked up into iCue for lighting effects. I have created several presets for them and would like a way to cycle through them automatically. The feature I was hoping for would be just a simple scheduler that could cycle through a list of iCue presets, allowing the user to select time between preset changes. 

I read a post about a year back that said it wasn't possible because of the way the effects layers worked... but it just seems like a simple thing since I am able to switch between presets with my mouse in an instant why couldn't a scheduler be programmed in that would click between presets for me instead?

Thank you!

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CUE can't do it natively.  It may be possible to write something, but I have not explored this.  Some other people were asking a similar question in the interim.  See below.



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