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Will the LL120 Fans and Node Pro Ever Get Video Lighting?


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I just bought a 3-pack of Corsair LL120 Fans with the Node Pro from Best Buy.  Apparently I can't access the Video Lighting Effect even with it updated.

Will the LL120 Fans and/or Node Pro ever be able to use the Video Lighting Effect?  It doesn't make any sense to me why they wouldn't be able to, at least through the software.

Especially when somebody's made their own iCue plugin and program to do just that with these fans and Node Pro.

What I really want to do is combine audio volume brightness with screen ambience coloring, like you can do with other proprietary gear - Logitech, ASUS, Razer, etc.

The custom iCue plugin program completely overrides iCue and does screen ambience, but no audio effect.  Meanwhile SignalRGB charges a monthly fee to access its screen ambience effect, which is madness - and I'm not sure they even support effect layering.

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