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5000D Setup Airflow


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Hello everyone!
First of all I apologize for my bad English!
I recently updated my GPU on my PC, but now I need to improve its temperatures because when under load it gets hot enough!
Below I show you my current situation of my airflow setup on my 5000D case.
Obviously all the fans are controlled via iCue software depending on the variation of the CPU temperature, but now I would need to review the management of the fans, because in the game the CPU does not heat up a little, while this new GPU heats up enough!
I wanted to understand in your opinion which fans I would need to dedicate to the GPU temperature and which in your opinion to leave to the CPU in order to continue to have a fresh airflow, even in game!
If you need to know the components of my PC you can find them below in the signature field!
Thanks in advance to everyone who will help me!


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