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K100 and iCUE = Garbage


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Ok, so a little click bate title but hear me out.

The K100 is good so far, but is entirely let down by the software. 


So i've just brought  a new K100 OPX keyboard, and i'm really disappointed in the iCUE software. It's lacking so many things.

A few things around macros and application integration. Like Discord. Really?

And things like if i want lighting options for when a button is pressed.

Something simple like if i click the mute button next to the volume roller, it should turn red, just like when you click the 'lock' button for the game mode.

And if i want to program a macro and have it do something, i should be able to get a lighting schema to make that button a different colour while it's running, or until i disable it. 


I.e, lets say it's a toggle macro, and it runs until i click the G key again, i should be able to set the lighting to highlight that button while running (so i know it's running)

This would be easy to do if you have your lighting layers like layers in photoshop, as in you can disable or hide a layer (But it stays there) 

So you would have the layer for the G key as RED, but not enabled. then when you click the G key you're able to 'enable' that layer and it makes it active and the G key turns red. then when you click the G key again it can disable that layer so it goes to whatever the next available layer is. It's simple. You already have layers set up in the software.

Or if i've got a key mapped to mute the mic in discord i want to active a lighting layer that makes the num pad turn red, so i can see that's it's muted. then go back to the normal lighting when enable it again. 

And i know there is an option to select a lighting layer when you run a macro, but that only flashes the layer for a second. It does not keep it active. 


And another thing, there is no option to turn off the lights on the keyboard after x amount of time inactive. I.e if i leave the computer on all night, the keyboard is light up all night. it does not sleep.


There just seams like there is a lot of things that could be implemented a log better. Or maybe i'm missing something. 

But i really did expect better. 


If there is a way to do this, please let me know.


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Hey, hey!

If you want the mute button to turn red, you can just create a lighting layer using a solid option that has start set to On Key Pressed and stop set to On keypress, and make sure it is your top layer and that key is selected.

I agree with you on the macro and lighting. It does work but only for lighting effects that have a timer for the effect. If you have a static effect, iCUE will not let you link that to a pressed assigned macro key. This defeats the purpose of using a macro key to light the numpad and remain illuminated until the same macro key is pressed again. No idea why they designed it this way for macro lighting effects. There is a work around though.

You would create a lighting effect as shown below that I designed for the mute button on the keyboard to turn red upon being pressed, and turn off when the sound is back on. You would assign the key you will be using for your macro for this lighting effect.

For your macro, you would select the same key. So when you press the assigned macro key to do whatever it is you want to do, the lighting effect you created to fire on that same key, goes on/off when it is pressed.

Some images for you to get an idea. First one is just making a lighting effect that turns the mute button red when muted, and removes the red when unmuted.

Second and third is a macro assigned key to mute by pressing the ` key. You need to make sure under Advanced for this macro, that Retain Original Key Output is on so you can still type with this if the need arises. When the ` is pressed it mutes the sound and turns the key cyan until the key is pressed again, upon which the sound is on again and the key is cyan` no more.

Hope that helps.




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Thank you for your reply.
That information is helpful, and does get me some of the way there.

So now i've got the mute button to turn red when presses and back to normal after i press it again to un-mute. I've also applied this to some of my macro keys that are togged (they run when pressed until i press it again) so i know that that macro is running.

The Macro function you listed is not quite what i was after but i appreciate the help.

I've assigned the scroll lock key in Discord to mute the mic (Not the system audio) and i've assigned that key to the G6 key, and applied a lighting layer to that key on press. 
So now at least the G6 key turns red if i mute the mic in discord though the G6 key.

Ideally what i would like (as a larger indicator) is that if i press the G6 key i have a lighting layer light the number pad all red until i un-mute myself.
But i'll take what i can get, and your solution works.


Again, thanks for the help.

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