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Void Sidetone Stops Working

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This is a know issue, and there are a multitude of posts requesting a fix.  Here is the first troubleshooting fix that you should try.

Soft reset your headset.  Then check the sidetone control in iCue.  If that does not work, next try restarting your headset.  If that does not work, try rebooting your computer.  If all of those fail, try soft resetting your headset multiple times, and also reboot your headset multiple times.

This process works for me.

CORAIR STAFF:  Please post a reply with the correct process to soft reset all versions of the Void headset.  And PLEASE develop a fix for this known issue, know for years now, and release an update to iCue and/or firmware that fixes this for good.  This is a good headset from a good company, but leaving this issue unresolved, with no real guidance in this forum is quite frustrating.

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