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How to setup 6x LL-fans + 4 RGB-strips?


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I have 6x LL-fans and 4 strips. I want them to have all the same color / lighting effect. But somehow I can only control the lighting of the strips. What am I doing wrong?

I have the 6 fans connected to 1 RGB hub. The RGB hub is connected to the commander pro LED 1-slot. 
The 4 strips are in 1 row and the row is connected to the Commander Pro LED 2-slot.

I tried using a Node Pro and two RGB Hubs and tried with Y-cables and different settings in iCue, but the fans will stay dark no matter what.
How do I set them up correctly?

I own 1 Commander Pro, 2 RGB Hubs, 1 Node Pro. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Can you show us the lighting effects screen in CUE for channel 1 (the fans)?   If you have done your lighting set-up correctly (LL x 6) it should generate 6 LL fans in the UI under lighting effects.  Add any preset and make sure it is applied.  If still no lighting, you are most likely looking for a power problem on the RGB hub.  Check it's SATA connection.  

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It looks like this:



I can see 6 fans, and I can change the lighting layers / type. The fans remain dark. I have checked all SATA-connections and they are all pluged in. 

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