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iCUE stopped showing my motherboard

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Hi as title says, I have an ASUS Maximus 6 Formula that, up until 15 minutes ago, I could read all of the temperatures in. My nexus was set to show Core 1 2 3 4 and Package temps along with Coolant temp from my H150i Elite Capellix. I made a change about 30 minutes ago unticking both toggles in Software and Games (i have since re enabled it) to see if I could figure out why iCue was using 2.8 gigs of ram. Im using iCue 4 and Windows 8.1 (yes I took a shot with the nexus after it stated it was only for Windows 10 and it worked flawlessly up until now. The only temperature currently being read successfully is the Coolant temp, while the other 5 blocks are currently blank. Any help would be appreciated, thank you. In the 2 pics it used to show both my motherboard and the Intel i7 4770K processor aswell. Now only have these two options.


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