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Just a heads up really. 

I have noticed a number of people being very dishonest on ebay and with other companies, Amazon for one.

I have a large number of ML PRO fans. About 12 I suppose in the PC's that I have. You could say I am a bit of an expert with the ML PRO fans!!! From time to time one will fail or I will sell as part of a CPU heatsink or so on, so I need to replace. Time was now! I just needed to get two new ML140 PRO. 

Looking on ebay I saw several auctions where people had removed cheaper Corsair fans from cases and had placed them in ML PRO boxes and are trying to sell them as ML PRO's. There is still two auctions on there right now if you care to look ( feel free to report them! ).

I bought one "used as new" fan from Amazon and was horrified to see that someone had pulled the same trick with Amazon. They had bought a new fan and replaced it with a cheaper case fan. 

So my advice here is, unless you know what you are doing, don't buy these fans "used". Buy new ones. 

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Agreed, you really need to buy from a trusted user. Though even with "new" products you need to be very careful, especially from Amazon. I have seen people in the past report faulty fans/rgb controllers, when I ask it is always from Amazon. My thought is people prefer to RMA their devices by buying something off Amazon and returning it in a manner it seems unopened, so it is restocked. If they plug in a non-Corsair device to a controller and they don't know what they are doing it can blow a fuse on the LNP.


In any case always report sellers who are repackaging what they are selling with the wrong products. In some cases the seller could just be buying bulk returns from  Amazon and reselling them w/o knowing that someone else pulled one on them/Amazon. I bought a headrest off eBay a couple weeks ago and I got a white headrest, instead of the advertised black. Seller bought bulk returns from staples and didn't check, before sending it out. The box said black, though the headrest was white. They offered to discount it $10 or send a return label and refund my money. I went with the latter.

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