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MP600 causing BSOD, freezes or Restarts

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For about a year my shiny gen4 MP600 was causing BSOD, freezes or restarts.

tried everything from power plan, regedit and all the bs from youtube.

tested with a second system and same issues. A second gen 3 ssd, same issues.
A crucial “normal” sata ssd worked just fine.

I even replaced both ssd through warranty and issues continued.

the solution was….

Set both SSD as RAID in bios.

With a RAID config windows use/install different storage controllers; in this case AMD RAID instead the “standard” garbage.

You can opt to just set SSDs as RAID on bios but install windows on one drive.

for anyone with one drive alone, good luck. it never worked for me.


aorus master b550, 3950x, 32gb ram gskill, 2080ti, mp600 1tb, xpg8200 2tb, ax1500i

Tested on Windows 10 and 11, all last drivers, bios and updates.

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