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ICUE Not Affecting Fan Speed Or Colour

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Good Afternoon All 🙂

I got a new corsair 5000x RGB case for Christmas along with:

A new H150i Capelliex in white, and; 

1x LL 120 white for rear exhaust

I currently have the 3 front fans that came with the 5000x case (3x sp 120) and the 3 ML 120 fans from the Capellix in the Commander Core and I have the 1 LL120 fan in the preinstalled commander core that is split into two parts. 
ICUE is detecting all parts with the 6 fans in the commander core with the H150i and the 1LL fan in the other commander however I cannot control any of the fans in the commander with the H150i this includes fan speeds and RGB where as I can control the RGB of the single LL plugged into the other commander.
All fans are illuminated when ICUE is not loading and they all run in their basic rainbow patterner accept. Once I load up ICUE all front 3 fans and the 3 fans on the H150i and the H150i pump RGB turn off and do not turn back onto no what ever what profile I'm in and what lighting present I have enabled, further more I cannot control the fan speeds when user customer or default presents with fans running as low as 280 RPM. which is rising idle CPU temperatures.

I have changed which usb 4-pin they are both connected to at the bottom of the motherboard however no difference was made, i have reset the bios and the bios is only picking up the 'cpu fan' and the rear mounted LL120 fan or 'external fan' I believe it was called. I do not know what other programs are affecting it as i cannot access armoury crate for example. 

Therefore i am looking for asstiance of how to be able to control the fans, their speed and colour combinations as intended by ICUE 4 as i currently have no control.

unnamed (10).jpg

unnamed (9).jpg

unnamed (8).jpg

unnamed (7).jpg

unnamed (4).jpg

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The wiring appears fine. What is likely to be more relevant is your lighting Effects and Cooling tabs in CUE for the Commander Core. That specific device should automatically detect RGB led fan count/type and also runs an auto detect for PWM fans.


Most issues of this type are new users becoming familiar with the software. The fans will rainbow on boot or when cue is not running (hardware lighting mode). That is a save to the device preset. However, it does not typically create a new lighting effect in the software “lighting effects “ section. You must add one. 

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Thank you for the reply 🙂

I have solved the issue, i woke up and reverted the ICUE form 4 to ICUE 3, i noticed that the capalliex was running in software limited control mode, i then disabled it in the settings and have control of all fans speed and colours thanks very much :).

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There is no reason to be running cue 3 unless you have legacy hardware that requires it. The Elite series coolers and their controllers are fully functional in CUE 4. 

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