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5000X Build iCue Wiring


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Hi everyone!


I will be building my first PC today and I am looking for some help concerning how exactly I should wire my setup to optimize iCue as much as possible.

I have been looking around the forum and other places to get an understanding of the best way to do this however I figured the best thing to do would be to ask myself.

I will be building in the 5000X however I will be swapping out the stock SP120 fans that come with the case the for LL120's.


The components I need to wire are as follows:

H150i Elite Capellix (3x ML120 fans)

4x White LL120 Fans (3 As front intake, 1 as rear exhaust)

3x Black LL120 Fans (Side intake)


I have attached below a crude wiring diagram outline of what I have to work with.

In the bottom left, I used an image of the Commander Core to represent the 5000X's fan repeater and RGB hub, but labeled it accordingly.

Is there a way to make this work with the listed parts? Or will I need to to get something else like a Commander Core XT?


Thank you!



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Sorry to resurrect this post.  I am starting almost the exactly same build today.  Did this set up work for you?   I am a bit confused on how to get the 10 fans (3 are on the lcd aio) controllable and powered.  My MB also only has 2 2.0 usb headers

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