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CPU overheating under stress with H100I

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Hello everyone,

I have a fairly old computer with a I7 4790K and a H100i first gen (both from 2014). I have seen recenlty that the CPU temp is ok when I perform routine activities but any stress will cause the temps of the CPU to reach immediately 100C (such as playing a game). I have added a picture below for you to see the link software main page. Is there a way to know if the pump is still working as it should? Any clue where the problem could come from?

p.s: changing the h100i fan speed doesn't change anything (neither to the increase in temp nor to the decrease after load)

Thanks in advance for your help2021-12-27.thumb.png.f9f99b6294a639d1caa13afe45718d16.png

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I am not getting good resolution on the picture, but it looks like the coolant temperature (H100i Temp) is about 31C. That is the key sensor to watch and can help you distinguish a loss in cooler performance vs other types of problems. 

Minimum possible coolant temp will be equal to case internal ambient temp. That looks to be ~31C as well. If you were in real trouble, the H100i temp would start clicking upwards on boot and never stop until you cut power. So if there is a problem, it’s not fatal yet. However, the second part is what happens under load.

Try using something mild and linear like the stress test (bench) in cpu-Z. This a good one to use when you think you have a problem. A 4790K should raise coolant about 6C in 5-10 min. That’s all the time required to assess. If you start it and the cpu temp immediately hits 100C with no movement on the H100i temp, then this a contact or TIM problem. If you start the test and the coolant goes up 10C in 60 seconds, that is a cooler issue. 

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