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Nightsword RGB Sniper Button Stays on after being held for more than 5-7 seconds.

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Hopefully this isn't a "Feature" if so any help in turning this off would be outstanding but I just installed the latest ICUE software and have been using my Nightsword now for a few hours and have noticed that if I hold the sniper button for more than 5 to 7 seconds when I release it the DPI does not return to normal and the mouse LED's on the left side indicate that the sniper mode is still engaged. The mouse will NOT come out of sniper mode until the sniper button or the profile buttons )on the top) are pressed (I've tried all other buttons).  It's not a button defect as far as I can tell as the problem only occurs with Holds greater than 5 seconds.  Please and thank you for any help in solving this conundrum as It's REALLY annoying in games when you have to move out of sniper mode and move quickly and your own equipment is choking you.

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This appears to be a universal issue in 4.18. See the discussion and a work around in the thread below. 


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