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LL Fans/Commander Pro Not Working Correctly

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I have (6) LL fans connected to an RGB LED/Fan hub that is connected to a Commander Pro. 

Fan operation is fine. Issue is the LED function on fans 4-6. No matter what profile, sometimes fans 4 through 6 will not show the correct pattern. It is like they are not getting all the information. Doesn't do it all the time. When it starts to do it, it will correct itself in a random time frame.

I've swapped the RGB/FAN hub with a working one and the issue is still happening.

If the Commander Pro port was malfunctioning it would do it to all six fans. If it was the cable, same thing. Can't figure out what is causing the issue besides iCue. 

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The fans operate as a series circuit from fan 1, LED 1 all the way to the end. It is most likely you have a problem on fan #4. Switch to position 1 and it will likely knock out the remainder, but might allow you to pinpoint the problem. If you are still within the two year warranty, contact Corsair Support for a replacement. In the meantime, moving it to last in the series will eliminate the impact on the other fans.

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That is good to know. I thought the fans are independent and get a signal from the LED hub and sequence is based off the ports. Makes sense why I switched hubs and it still shows an issue.

It actually starts with fan #3 so I will put it at the end of the run and see if that isolates the problem. Thanks.

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Yes and that’s how this can be tricky. If it’s the last LED on a fan it can make it look like the next is a total dud while making the true bad spot hard to see. If you want to be thorough, test each fan in slot 1 to make sure they all work. Better to get the replacement(s) all at the same time. 

The newer Commander Core/XT controllers do have independent RGB and PWM headers which also allows for some easier fan mixing. But there is a trade off and those controllers give some temp probes and/or RGB channels plus DC fan control to make space. 

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