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Model# RDA0011 having static in left ear.

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I've had this headset for a few years now so it's possible it is wear, but I wanted to see if it could be something else.

The cushion has worn out recently and so I ordered replacements. When i replaced the cushion I noticed that I'm now hearing buzzing/static in the left ear now with no audio playing. It could be that the cushion doesn't block as much sound as the original and that's why I'm hearing it.

The weird part is that I'm only hearing the static when my head is resting in a certain area over my chair. I can move my head to the right or left, down or up more (very uncomfortable while playing games btw) and the static will stop.

Another thing I noticed is that it doesn't stop when I lower/raise the volume/sidetone nor does it stop if I turn off/on the rgb lighting. All my drivers/software/firmware is up to date (even reinstalled just in case).

I noticed that taking out the wireless receiver will stop the static, but obviously stops all my other audio as well. Once I plug it back in, static returns. It's as if some signal is being picked up in that certain area over my chair. I've turned off and moved away other electronics to see if it's some kind of electromagnetic disturbance from them, but it didn't seem like the cause.

Edit: I don't have this issue in any other part of my room or house.

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