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LEDs freeze on my commander Pro

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20211226_104243.thumb.jpg.4096669b1d5883bec5bd95c119209a62.jpgI have had this PC running for about a year now in this configuration, and all of a sudden my last sixteen LEDs on my commander pro's channel 2 just freeze, and it either requires me to unplug them, or a full reboot to correct it (which only works sometimes, and not for long.) Does anyone know the cause of this? Is it the controller, the strip or Icue? This just started happening 2 days ago. 20211226_104926.thumb.jpg.b045994aa549aee8d19a5fafd446943b.jpg

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That is typical. It’s a series circuit so any interruption will cause the downstream lights to go out. You’ll need to repair or replace that strip/section. 

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