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We got a gaming chair, what about a desk?

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I know you guys worked hard on designing the perfect gaming chair, but will we be seeing a Corsair brand desk anytime in the future? I would love a massive corsair desk with loads of room for triple monitor setups and a desk that actually takes into account larger towers like the 011 Dynamic XL. All of the desks with a tower stand or a mount for a tower only ever take into account mid or full towers with a basic size and shape.

What I'm looking for in a desk:

  • Long, deep desk with plenty of room and long enough to fit a triple-monitor setup comfortable with room for speakers.
  • A desk the takes into account larger towers, and towers with wild shapes and designs.
  • Wireless charging for mobile devices, maybe even watches.
  • Power outlets and usb ports for charging devices without using up ports on my pc.
  • A headset mount.
  • Maybe an adjustable cup holder for cups of all sizes.
  • Of course that classic Corsair drip.
  • RGB lighting optional. I don't really care about RGB lighting all that much, but I'll still use it if it's there.
  • If RGB is present, compatibility with iCUE is a must.
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