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Core Audio Driver (CorsairAudio.driver)

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I am having this issue too. Brand new Macbook Pro M1 Max with 32 gb of ram....and somehow this audio driver is giving me problems with lots of popping in my Logic Pro X Session only to see in the activity that this Core Audio Driver is using close to 30 gb (NOT MB) of ram....

What in the world is up with this? I have to reboot my Mac and it shows about 2.5 mb (NOT GB) of ram usage after a fresh reboot. How is this driver being allowed to use this much Ram? I have to reboot the system frequently cause after I use logic for a while the audio cant handle it anymore and the system becomes unstable. I have to reboot frequently.

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Corsair, do you have an answer to this question? This is a pretty big bug. I cant even run the EQ settings with my wireless headphones under the iCue app cause the Activity Monitor jus shows the ram getting eaten up like candy =/ not Cool

On a fresh reboot it is 4.5 MB....right now as I type this, this driver is showing nearly 3 GB of ram usage and I've only been playing audio VSTs for about 3 min.

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So,icue closing now does not help anymore this is my new solution

1. Launch Icue

2. Force Update Firmware

3. Close Icue

4. Kill the core Audio Driver

Now it should stay on a couple Mb´s


But you can't open the Icue otherwise it goes up to 25gb
And after Reboot al is gone from the Fix and you have to redo again

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