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Dark Core Pro SE mouse, losses dongle sync/connection


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Hello, I am navigating to this web site via my mouse using the Bluetooth function of my Dark Core Pro SE mouse because for some reason it wants to loose the connection sync with dongle. How do I fix this, or what is wrong with my mouse. It seems this connection only lasts a few days and I end up having to re-plug the mouse into the system via it's usb cable and then go into the icue software to resync the mouse and dongle. Once that is done, it works for a few days and then it stops working again. When swapped into Bluetooth mode, I can navigate into the icue software and see that it see's the usb dongle, but when I switch it over to the wireless to gain full control it, the mouse never sync's up. The usb dongle plugs into the back of my keyboard, but even when it's plugged into a front usb plug, nothing changes it's state.

Icue Version: 3.38.61
Dongle Version: 2.4.14
Mouse Version: 2.7.37

What is going on, any thoughts?

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