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bought two identical kits at the same time , yet they are different.


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So i bought 2 identical kits of 16GB corsair vengeance at the same moment in the same shop. (or so i thought)

To my surprise the one kit comes with Samsung chips and the other comes with Hynix ....

How come they are not the same ?  This ain't good for compatibility running is claimed everywhere.

Luckily they seem to work for now in concert with each other purely thanks to the identical timings.

But this shouldn't happen at all, even if it are just 2 seperate kits bought from same store at same time. I'd expect them to be identical in every way.

I'm sure you would advice to buy a 32GB kit instead, but that was just not possible since it was a kit with cpu/motherboard AND 16GB ram, i just ordered an extra of the same ram to get 32GB. Yea, the store isn't very savy either i guess, or they'd rather sell their own builds...

I kind of don't like these ways of doing business by pro's who love to say screw it to their customers hoping their income will go up that way.

That PC-shop knows damn well the risks of mixing different ram chips. And corsair knows this too.

So what's the point in upgrade path when even the manufacturer can't be trusted to stick to it's own standards and just changes specs as it suits them ?

Sure both samsung an hynix are supposed to be good, but mixing and matching is always a risk, for the same money it would not have worked at all and i would be in rma procedure not enjoying my new build for who knows how long.

All the pro's telling you how to do it  but they don't care one bit themselves what they do, as long as it works somewhat , if problems arise they can't be bothered, the sale is done.

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I understand your disappointment but buying two kits together, in the same moment doesn´t absolutely mean they are built with the same

components.    maybe if you could compare serial numbers or production lots.

that's why they sell perfect "twins" kits.    Your retailer should have warned you about this.

The real problem is that they don't mind about you. they just mind about selling.

I have read many many issues on this forum but I wouldn´t blame this on corsair.

we should know what we are going to buy

Anyway if you are not planning any extreme overclock they should just work fine

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2 hours ago, frizur said:

So i bought 2 identical kits of 16GB corsair vengeance at the same moment in the same shop. (or so i thought)

I assume you are talking about DDR5. If you haven’t noticed, it’s a bit hard to come by and all of the RAM manufacturers are using whatever ICs they can get. That appears to include different manufacturing runs for the same model number and others are reporting this for other brands as well. I assume the version number is different between the two kits?


This is also why users are advised not to buy multiple kits and combine them instead of buying the matched kit in the required size. This always has been a possibility, but people are more willing to take risks in a high demand market. 

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Check the version numbers on the DIMMs, this denotes the manufacture of the IC's. i.e. Micron, Samsung, or Hynix

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