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Lighting node core not detected by icue

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I bought an icue sp 120 rgb pro fans kit (including 3 fans + 1 lighting node core)

I always had problems to have the node detected by windows and therefore by icue.

I had to buy an usb 2.0 splitter in order to connect al my corsair devices (H150i ,  rm 850i,  lighting node core) as my motherboard

has just 2 usb 2.0 connectors onboard.

I had to keep plugging and unplugging the cable to have the node detected so I quit letting my fans work on "rainbow".

then i bought a new nzxt usb 2.0 powered splitter to see if maybe I was exceeding the usb port voltage.

the node was undetected again and I still had to plug/ unplug it.  windows says "unknown usb device".

So I decided to plug the node directly into the motherboard and now it seems to be working.

Does anyone know why the node didn't work connected to the powered splitter?   is it a bug or just normal??

thank you in advance

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So nobody can tell me if I have a faulty hardware or not ?

I was just wondering how could I add more nodes one day If I can't plug them into a splitter ???

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