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ICUE extreme setting not reaching maximum speed of fans


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So my current setup is using the fan hub that come with my 5000x and connected to 6 fans for intake, and plugged that fan hub into the commander core. I have 6+ 2 fans in total in my case, ICUE does show three fans up (6 fans count as one signal in ICUE). However, the fan speed just being weird on the software. All the fans (noctua A12 pwm) wont go to maximum speed of 2000 but rather stuck as about half speed (1100 ish) even on extreme settings. On balanced setting, even in games, all fans seem to be stuck at 800 max and wont go up despite high temp on cpu/gpu. One possible work around I did is to set a custom fan curve, which actually works to full speed upon my testing. I am just wondering what is the cause that the auto setting does not work? I remember when I used to use the H150i, the fan speed works perfectly with the fans I have. The only thing different is I am not using AIO connector to commander core in my current setup. 

Any ideas why? 



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Quiet/Balanced/Extreme are preset curves with specific Temp X = Fan Speed Y values where the Temp is liquid temperature from the AIO.  You can see what they are by creating a custom curve, then clicking on one of the shape tools in the corner of the graph.  These are the three presets, only now you can see and edit them.  I recommend most everyone use the custom curve copy so at the very least they can see and understand what the fans are doing and if something is actually wrong.  When doing this, the control variable (sensor) should be set to H1xxi Temp (liquid temp) if using them with a Corsair AIO.


On 12/26/2021 at 4:34 AM, Arthurz21 said:

The only thing different is I am not using AIO connector to commander core in my current setup. 

If there is no AIO, then you are going to need to make your own curves.  On the Commander Core, the presets and their custom copies are designed for liquid cooling.  If the liquid temp sensor is not there, it may default to an inappropriate variable (like CPU temp).  If there is no AIO and thus no liquid temp, my first choice would be to MB temp as the control variable for the case fans.  It is a decent representation of case ambient temperature and that is the function of your case fans.  GPU temp can be used as well, but you'll get some pretty strong shifts between fully loaded and pause/start menus when it is not.  There is no reason for case fans to throttle up/down with hardware loads.  Their job is to remove heated air coming off the components and bring in cooler air in its place.  That should be a steady or smooth change operation.


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@c-attackThank you so much! It makes much more sense now. Yeah, I saw those three Quiet/balanced/extreme setting in custom and was really confused why the trigger condition for temp is so low, now it makes sense it was for the coolant temp if an AIO is used. 

Thanks for the suggestions! I will mess around with the custom curves with mobo sensor! 

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