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My m65 mouse changes the dpi after I let go of the sniper button

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Ok, this is kind of hard to explain but when I press and hold down on the sniper button for a certain amount of time when I release the button it stays at the low dpi until I hit the sniper button again. For example I can press down on the sniper button and it switches from my 1500 dpi to 500 dpi and when I release it goes back to 1500 but if I hold it down for an extended period of time when I release it will just stay on 500 dpi. This is really frustrating as I use the sniper button in most fps games but when it doesn't release I have a hard time flicking around a moving because my sense is so low. This just started happening when I upgraded to Icue 4 and was wondering if anyone knew how to fix it. Thanks. 

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