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The problems of iCUE 4 when using K100 macro recording

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As metioned in this manual: https://www.corsair.com/corsairmedia/sys_master/productcontent/49_001877_AB_NA_K100_RGB_Optical_Mechanical_QSG.pdf, the macro recording should work as: " In hardware mode macros are recorded to the onboard storage profile and in software mode macros are recorded to your iCUE profile.".

However, when I try this feature, it doesn't work as expected. Here is my step:

0) Ensure the iCUE software(v4.18.209) is running. The two image show my initial state of iCUE.




1) Go to the Macro Record wheel mode (i.e. click the wheel several times until it turns to red color)

2) Hold the wheel until the macro indicator lights up

3) Press G2 to be programmed

4) Press  "123"  keys in order, to record as a macro.

5) Press G2 again. and the macro indicator light turn off.

After the 5 steps, the iCUE records the "123" sequence to "Hareware Key Assignments", which is not expected when iCUE running.

Here is the final result:



Similar problems was reported at: 


But months passed, and no staff followed up. So I post this new post, and expect a reply.

Thank you!



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