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just thought i would show off my build as its a little unique lets just say

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this is my build but wait its not in a corsair case its in a Thermaltake case you know the one with sucky front air intake but still somehow stays cool on the inside yeah that one (there's a mod I wanna do to fix that but I haven't got to doing that yet) my build consist of a ASUS b550-f gaming wifi, 16gb 2x8 corsair vengeance rgb ram, a ryzen 7 3700x oc to 4.00 GHz, a corsair h100i capellix aio, 4 corsair LL120 case fans, a gtx 1650 super (kinda lucky that I got it before the gpu shortage at least something's better than nothing hey this graphics card doesn't do half bad) 


and yes I also have it themed for Christmas 



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I cant edit my post or haven't figured out how to do so yet

edit: my h100i died so I switched to a hyper 212 black edition and stuck a ll120 on it for the aesthetic but yes it does work and it works pretty good, I added the 8 light series fans that came with my h100i as case exhaust and reused the commander core that came with it as well, ill add this to my post if I figure out how to edit it.

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hey hey, your H100i is most likely still under warranty. get it exchanged by Corsair support 🙂

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