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Virtuoso audio bug in Valorant

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I just bought a corsair virtuoso gaming headset; at first I notice a very nice audio quality, but if I play Valorant (idk if may happen at other games, only play val) at 10-15 minutes the audio crashes and lose LOTS OF QUALITY, making impossible for me to play.

I just noticed that happens if using them wireless or even by USB, noticed also that the way to solve it is turn them off and back on. ITS SO ANOYING to do that on that expensive headset!!

I hope you guys could help me.

Pd: all them controllers are updated at ICUE, so the receptor and the headset.

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20 hours ago, Im MrCashman said:

I'm having the same issue


Does this happen if you shut iCUE down while playing Valorant? 

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