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Does the lighting node work with icue capellix core


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Hey guys, quick question. I recently got a icue capellix liquid cooler as a Christmas gift. I got it all installed in my tower, but the fans aren't showing up in icue or lighting up. I can control the aio lighting but not the fans. I know the lighting works on the fans since at first boot they default to the rainbow colors, then turn off once logged in to the computer. I have a corsair 680x case and it included a lighting node pro which does show up in icue. So just wondering if there's a possible compatibility issue with the lighting node pro and icue commander core.

I've tried plugging the rgb fans into both the commander core, and lighting node pro to no avail. I seen on a previous forum the commander pro is compatible, if you plug the lighting node into it directly, however the icue commander doesn't seen to be able to do that with the commander core.

Anyone know a possible fix for this, or have experience with a case that had both the lighting node pro and icue commander core. If so did it work for you? Is there something I need to do or I'm missing?

Thanks, any help is appreciated.

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