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External RGB Cables on RGB Hub


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i have several Corsair RGB devices within my setup. Now i wanted to extend it by some external (2x case rgb, waterblock of video card).

So i just did some connectors myself from 3pin 5V RGB to 4 Pin Corsair.

I wired my cables the following way


I did not connected the "Order" cable because there is none at classic 5v rgb connector


Everything component works well on its own when connected to Port 1 of the RGB Hub.
So wiring itself looks ok for me.

But I cannot get them running simultaneously only Port 1 is working. If I connect my stripes to Port 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 no lightning will turn on. I tried almost every setting in iCue I could imagine.

Anyone got any idea how I could get my stripes working? I also tried to set them up as "LL Fans" or whatever is possible within iCue.

Best Regards




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