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Corsair HS 60 Haptic Stereo Headset issue (Fixed)

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Recently I have had an issue with my HS 60 Haptic headset I bought 1 week ago I could really feel a difference with the subwoofers in the headset and bass sounded so much better however recently anytime I have tried to turn up the bass on the headset it will instantly disconnect the headset and it will not show up in iCUE for a few seconds until it resets and turns back on, however the headset will continue to do this and I continue to hear static and the headset will disconnect multiple times and I believed it was a software issue however I changed the USB plug that I had my headset plugged into and it completely fixed my issue I just wanted to post and let anyone else know if you're having a similar issue to try a different USB port before you change any software settings. Apologies if this was long winded, hope I helped someone. 

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