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H150 AIO pump orientation

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Just looking into doing my first build with an AIO setup and was thinking...

Notwithstanding that if the AIO pump is rotated you may have more of the cables showing, to get the best routing of the water pipes, can you orientate the pump differently to the way the cover is set (IE, with the logo the correct way up)?

I realise there are other things that might get in the way of the pipes (motherboard heatsinks for example) but assuming everything clears, does it matter which way up the pump head is?

Only asking as I've seen builds with a lot of excess resting on top of the GPU.

Ta in advance.

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Generally speaking it doesn't matter, but you likely want to avoid the "tubes down, block up" installation.  This makes the CPU block the high point in that part of the loop and air is going to settle in up there.  Over time, it may become enough to displace water from the cooling fins and hurt performance.  It might also be tricky to keep the AIO hoses off the GPU backplate.  No reason to try and melt them onto the GPU.


Fortunately the top on the Elite series unscrews and can be rotated to match whatever you decide to do.  

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