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Adding case fans to existing AIO setup


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Hey all,


I've just taken delivery of my first custom PC (not a self build) but I'm already thinking of what improvements I'd like to make. One thing I keep butting up against is the conflict between managing my AIO (H150i Capellix) via iCUE v my case fans (Cooler Master ARGB fans that came with case) via Armoury Crate. So I'd like to standardise all the cooling on the Corsair platform.


As the AIO came with a Commander Core, is this a viable upgrade?

  • Replace the three Cooler Master case fans (intake config at front) with ML120s, and connect them to the Commander Core
  • Use iCUE to control the AIO pump, AIO fans and front case fans

This sounds like a neat setup, without needing to resort to separate hubs, etc. But will it work? Or should the case fans be connected to a different fan header (as the AIO is connected to the CPU Fan currently.

Advice and feedback welcome! 

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You can replace the front 3 with any PWM fan and the Commander Core should be able to control the speed.  Your H150i Elite came with 3 ML-Elite OEM (8 LED fans).  You likely want to match the number of LEDs on any additional fans to keep things manageable.  Adding something like the QL or LL ring fans complicates the set-up and you really then want another controller to separate them.  A ring fan will effects a center LED hub fan like yours can not do.


To that effect, the best match for what you have is the SP-Elite fan or just released ML-Elite (retail) fan, both of which are RGB identical to what you have.  Both are multi-purpose fans suitable for case airflow or radiator duty.  All are PWM and will work on the Commander Core that is a PWM only controller.  Beware of the ML-Pro, that was the prior released ML-RGB fan.  It looks similar, but only has 4 center mounted LEDs instead of 8.  That will give it a very "Simon" 4 quadrant look.  The ML-Elite may be hard to come by right now, but since the ML-Pro RGB are at an end, their price is up too.  I can't think of a reason to add the 4 LED fan to your system when the SP-Elite and ML-Elite will be better and cheaper options.  


You will not need any additional controllers, so you can purchase "singles" or a triple pack based on unit price alone.  If it's close, always get the triple pack for the extra controller.  It may have future value.  

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5 minutes ago, IRLRobinS said:

it's perfectly fine to have them work off the CPU header via the commander? 

That line back to CPU fan only reports a tachometer speed for the pump on the Elite units.  This both satisfies the MB's need to have something on CPU fan (a safety feature), but also will throw you a warning if the pump doesn't return a signal at boot.  Aside from that, all the fan power and control is on the Commander Core end and all of those fans will be controllable in CUE, both for speed and RGB.  

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That should be fine and I noticed the same thing regarding the sales options the other day.  I have not seen them anywhere else yet.  

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Update, got fans today and installed them, without issues. Really pleased to have all fans controlled in a single application for both RGB and RPM, and the system def runs quieter. 

Some pics:




Mesh throws the camera off a bit but you get the idea hopefully.

Thanks again @c-attack for all your advice

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