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H100i Elite Capellix - iCUE4000x - Gigabyte Motherboard


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First post, hopefully in the correct section.  Not new to Corsair, but just purchased my first RGB Cooler.

Have an existing H80i v2 that works flawlessly.  

Gigabyte board, using the existing Fan headers on a system mounted in a iCUE220T.  I have Gigabyte RGB Fusion installed which controls everything, if I want, but I have everything set stock.  The board, memory, GPU and front fans all work great together.  Not with the same level of control as iCUE, but I don't use my system for show purposes.  I really like the simplicity of the management.  No custom colors or fan curves are used.  The board's BIOS includes SMART FAN and it controls everything based on temps and load.  It just works.

While Christmas shopping, I bought a few H100i's for gifts and 1 for myself.  My experience with the H80i v2 and 220T has been so good, I thought a little more RGB might be nice in a new 4000X case.

I thought it would be similar to the H80i.  My connecting the case fan controller to a SATA connection for power and done.  Then I realized the new cooler is a slightly different design.  More stuff to plug in, separate controller, etc.  What I would like is for the MB and BIOS to control CPU and case fan speeds.  The fans in all of the corsair products / cases I own are whisper quiet to begin with.  I rarely hear them, except when I'm rendering video or batch processing photos.

That said, I never installed the Corsair Link software for the H80i.  It runs flawlessly.  With the H100i, I may have purchased more than I needed, but I may also grow into some of its features.

I plan to dig through the iCUE ELITE CAPELLIX Faq and Setup Info  with the hope of finding out how to use the H100i in conjunction with the 4000X with one or the other controller, not both, and hopefully without having to run iCUE fulltime for CPU pump / fan management.    

Thanks for reading, and for any help or advice.  

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