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5000x, h150i + 7 extra ML120s


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Hello awesome people,

I have a singular ML120 for my exhaust on the 5000x, I took the three SP120s from the front and replaced the front with three ML120s and moved the three SP120s to the top for a push pull with the h150i at the top and added three ML120s to the side. I managed to get all fans and lighting hooked up to the commander node that ships with the h150i and the on board with the 5000x, the issue I have is the underdressed poor ML120 exhaust fan cannot connect up to any PWMs except mainboard system fan and no lighting connection.

Mainboard is x570s pro ax, has only two usb headers all taken up, h150i alone took a usb, along with the onboard, i recall the h150i came with thr splitter or the 5000x so was able to connect three usbs.

Is there a usb splitter available on the market designed for corsair's config or is there a piggyback option one one of the connections or another way to connect 13 fans?



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You should be able to pair two of the side intake or top fans with a standard PWM splitter then connected to the Commander Core.  The ML-PRO is a low current draw motor and putting two together should not pose an issue.  Do not use triple or three-way splitters.  These tend to create erratic behavior on Corsair controllers.  


The lighting is more difficult and the 7th fan always poses an issue in a 6 fan based system.  Options are::

1) Add another RGB controller and split the 7 in some logical way.  6+1, 3+4, etc.  These will operate as two separate lighting groups.  You should have the necessary hardware already with both the case supplied Lighting Node Core and the Commander Core from the AIO kit.

2) RGB splitter - not officially supported but 3rd parties make these.  Not expensive, but the issue is the it will twin the two fans that share the splitter.  So rear exhaust would display the same lighting as fan #6.  This doesn't matter with static or intra-fan lighting like rainbow wave, but it is an issue for waves and sequential effects that travel from one fan to the next.  The ML doesn't do a ton of that like the QL or LL fans, but it is something to be aware of.  Since you already have the hardware necessary to make #1 work, it's hard for me to recommend this option.  

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I am also stuck with this problem. I bought a splitter but I have to choose between iCue detecting my case fans OR the Lighting Node pro which does all my led lights. I've tired this one:


But it seems to be an issue with the splitter. I will keep trying them until I find one that iCue wants to cooperate with.

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@Eskemobob Try looking here. There are other sources too, but I know these work. 

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