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Corsair warranty on PSUs?


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Hello everyone, 

I live in Turkey, and I want to buy Corsair RMX1000 to replace my 10-year-old PSU. I am going to buy it from Amazon Turkey, but it won't be the original seller. They will import it on my behalf from Amazon Germany (This model of PSU is difficult to find here). 

I'll be technically buying the PSU from another country, but they will very probably list Amazon Turkey as the seller in the invoice. My question is, will the 10 year warranty still be valid if I have a problem in the future?

Amazon Turkey might not honour the warranty as it is not the original seller, only importer (they even say that warranty might be void for imported products). And I dont think I can depend on Amazon Germany as I won't have any direct contact with them during the purchase process. Will Corsair provide international warranty to me if I have a problem? 

Thanks in advance. 

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Can you buy insurance on Amazon Turkey? I have 2 Corsair PSU's bad (AX1200i & RM1000i), still waiting on ticket response for RMA, then I could tell you from personal experience how their Customer Service is. I may start buying Seasonic instead, they have a 12 year warranty, but they make the bottom for Corsair, EVGA and more, but there not to their specs.

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